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AuthorDillon Steyl
GenreAction, Platformer
Tags3D, Fast-Paced, FPS, fps-platformer, Parkour, Speedrun

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Maybe add some checkpoints :)

I downloaded spring and fall back in the day, is this the same?

this game seems so fun but there is a problem the whole time so i cant download it. and if i click on download i can chose where to put it but i cant select the first thing, 

why cant i download it im on HP and its not letting me to

Why can't I play it on mac

You couldn't play it because it's a .exe file which only runs on Windows desktop which means you either need to install a windows emulator (such as bootcamp) or wine, which runs .exe files. All that is complicated though. Overall, it's probably not worth going through the trouble to install it on mac. 

i really love this game a friend recommended it to me and i really enjoyed playing through the levels that are out but i found a bug i hit a rock in a weird way and my camera was tilted forever (until i died) it didnt cause any other issues but i really am in love with the game and cant wait for the full game

Thankyou for the feedback!! I'm aware of this bug and I have fixed it, but the fix hasn't yet been released.

So glad you had fun, and I really appreciate the comment. <3

This game is so amazing! I just wanted to say that when you vault a rock, there is a bunch of screen shake so maybe try to fix that or have a setting to remove screen shake. Besides that though the game is perfect!

Find das Game so cool nur eine Sache bei mir ist es so das wenn ich in Sanbox sterbe das das game dann crasht bzw closed.

trotzdem geiles Game

I feel like it is a bit too punishing to have a checkpoint system as some jumps are pretty difficult or atleast the movement is unusual, which makes it anoying to get back to the hard jump. especially because some jumps require you to bounce multiple times it gets increasingly anoying to get back to where you were.

I propose a system that sets you back to the last solid ground that you stood on. alternatively you could just bump the number of checkpoints up a bit

Also I was struggleing with the wallrun a bit, it just felt slightly clunky

Thanks for your feedback!

I don't think it's necessarily the checkpoint system that's the issue - I think it's just the difficulty ramp of this prototype is WAY off because I obviously have played this game a lot throughout development so I overestimate what beginners are able to do.

I did think about the system you described, but the issue is that a lot of players will bounce around on the saplings instead of actually touching solid ground. It might be worth looking into though.

The wallrun has been a major focus in the last few weeks of development. I'm going to change the way that the islands are shaped so that it's more clear what you can wallrun and what you can't. But if you can give more details about how it feels clunky, I'd really appreciate it!


After reading your reply I also realised that it definetely is the difficulty that made it annoying for me. The game definitely needs a more elaborate tutorial as the sapling mechanic is pretty unique.

So in order to give more feedback on wallrunning I played the game a bit further as I had not beaten the second level before posting my initial comment.  I love the grappling hook though there were a few tutorial messages that I didnt pay attention to as i was still in the process of learning the grappling hook and playing around with it.  That may just be my horrible attention span but I thought that some of the tutorial messages were popping up too quickly.

So my issues with the wallrun were resolved as I realised that I had just misunderstood it. I thought that you had to constantly hold spacebar but then in the third level I realised that that was not the case. Again I feel like there needs to be more space to just play around with the wallrun, so that new players can figure it out more easily as in the current introduction to it you have to hit kind of a hard jump in order to even test the wallrun out.


It's Karlson but nature ._.

Karlson was not the first of its kind in this genre. It's like calling super meat boy, Mario, but meat.



dude u have to addmore levels btw ur game is the best


great game im speedrunning it and the mechanics are rlly good

Wanna start comparing times if youre still playing?

I've got 30.88 seconds

best iv got is 36.99

UPDATE i got 34.6

Add a system to change keybinds

And also and a melee or a sniper

Keybind system will come eventually - but it is not a priority as the key purpose of this stage is to build up the main gameplay loop, not fuck around with adding settings etc.

Melee already exists - it's a momentum-based system wherein the damage you deal to an enemy is based on how fast you're going when you collide with them.

I don't believe a sniper would be appropriate for this game - this game is about going fast, and I think a sniper would encourage people to slow down and eliminate enemies from a distance which is not in the spirit of the game.

Really appreciate the suggestions!

i mean a lot people will start trickshoting and would u fix that even if u are full on ammo u can still reload