Playtest Release 0.4.1 is now available!

Thought it would be nice to get some feedback on the work I've been doing, so here you go!



  • New forest level allowing access to all weapons (Pistol, SMG, Shotgun), with grasshopper and moth enemies.
  • Bouncy mushrooms for forest biome (level 3)
  • Anti-gravity field for forest biome (level 3)
  • Desert test level, including a geyser and damaging cactus obstacles.
  • Snow test level, including slippery ice.
  • Basic music loop - more to come!
  • Audio settings - control audio type volumes individually (music, SFX, ambience)
  • Player health and damage.
  • Visual and Auditory feedback when an enemy dies.


  • Saplings will now always spawn if the outer markers indicate that it is possible to spawn one, even if this means they will overlap with walls etc.


  • Island base shapes have been modified, removing the sharp edges. This should allow players to wallrun along their edges as before.
  • Forest levels 1-3 have been reworked to use new island bases.
  • Miscellaneous visual updates, including:
    • Pistol rework to better fit the theme of the other weapons.
    • Slide particles modified.
    • Trees and grass are back to their old style.
    • UI overhaul


Windows 64 bit 123 MB
Aug 16, 2022
OSX 136 MB
Aug 16, 2022
Linux 64 bit 124 MB
Aug 16, 2022

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